I'm Big in Alaska (Episode II)

My good friend Vince asked my wife and I to appear in another commercial. Katie is the first person you see in the video (I know, she's way hotter than I am).


I'm Big in Alaska

So my friend Vince, who's amazing, and who I've blogged about before, works as at an ad agency based in Alaska. He recently created a new commercial for Digitel and asked me to be the angry boss. It was very fun to do and it was neat to watch a master artist do his job.

I thought the coolest part of the shoot was checking out his homemade rigs and dollys as well as the fact that he shot the whole thing on a Canon 5D Mark II. It's a suped-up camera that can shoot great HD video.


It's All About the Kids

Ever since Clark was born I've been thinking more and more about how to make children want to be hard workers and smart. Considering I'm neither of those two things, I hope this video will in some way inspire the children of tomorrow to be better than me. Yes, I know, that's a fairly low bar.